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Sunrise Holidays is a small family owned company that prides itself on personal service. We genuinely want you to get the best out of your New Zealand adventure. We do what we do because we love it. 

Working with the right hire company will maximise your opportunity to get the very best out of your holiday. Sunrise Holidays and its fleet of campervan rentals has a number of benefits:

A competitive daily rate which includes:

Personal Service: We've been in tourism for many years and strive to make sure you know all the opportunities a New Zealand holiday offers.

Quality - Comfort and safety are our priorities. Our motor homes are well maintained, clean and fitted with quality chattels.

A "Motel on Wheels" transportation, beds and a place to cook our exquisite local food

Flexibility to extend your stay in a place you love for an extra day or 2 without travel and accommodation worries.

Freedom and independence to maximise your enjoyment of our wonderful country.

Upon pickup we will familiarise you with how to drive your campervan and how to use the equipment on board

No reservation worries travel when and where you want.

Sounds wonderful? Continue reading and you will appreciate how much effort we go to, to ensure you enjoy your holiday. Select the right Campervan and rates and we can start to help you to make your holiday an enjoyable experience.

Accommodation and Transport
Motorhome rental turns two of the biggest costs of going on holiday into one. It gives you transport to get you where you want to go, a kitchen, a bathroom and a place to sleep. It is usually lower cost when you work out alternatives

Freedom and Independence
When you travel the country in a campervan, you are on your own schedule. If you find a place you like a lot, stay on for an extra day or two. It is all up to you. The only things you have to make sure you are on time for are your planes and ferries.

Fully Self-Contained
Everything you need to travel and rest is right on hand in your motorhome. Stop where you like to eat and sleep. You have your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom with you!

All our Campers are fitted with Solar Panels

Your house batteries will last longer and shouldnt go flat

Take in the Scenery and Discover Hidden Treasures
Instead of staying the night in a motel in a town, find a nice picnic area or campground near a river just out of town and greet the morning sun as it rises over the hills and casts a golden glow on the water.

Contact us today and arrange to pick up a Sunrise Holidays rental from Auckland, Christchurch, or elsewhere in New Zealand for your next holiday.