Sunrise Pricing

Your Sunrise Holiday quote price works like many travel hire and accommodation providers around the world. Prices change regularly and are relative to season and demand. As a general rule, the further out you book, the more likely you will receive the cheapest price. As we fill up and get closer to a departure date, prices traditionally increase.

There are some exceptions with last minute bookings where we need to fill a 'hire gap’.  We generally offer a discount in this instance and it can suit travellers who are very flexible with their travel dates. If you're reasonably last minute and flexible with your dates, then it's really helpful if you mention this to us in the get a quote form.


We don't like hidden costs when we buy things, so we don't hide any costs from you.


Get a quote and enjoy peace of mind with our full, upfront and transparent rates (and no hidden or sneaky extra charges waiting). Hidden costs can make campervans appear cheaper than they actually are to hire. Unfortunately it is very common practice in the NZ campervan hire industry to surprise customers with extra costs. We know that people don't like hidden costs. That's why being nice, open and transparent about our hire rates is so important to us.


Here is What’s included in your SUNRISE daily Campervan hire rate

 Our standard daily rate includes:

  • Standard insurance

  • GPS, tables, chairs, quality linen, crockery and kitchen equipment, full gas bottle*

  • NZ travel tax

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)

*Gas bottle needs to be returned full



On holiday peace of mind is everything, we've spent more on our business insurance cover so you are always covered*.


Standard Insurance

Standard insurance is always included in our daily hire rate.

To cover the insurance excess, a refundable $5,000 bond is required when you pick-up the campervan.

A credit card imprint (Visa / Mastercard) is retained by Sunrise Holidays for the period of the hire and only used if you have an accident. The bond is refunded in full when you return the vehicle unless;

  • There is damage/loss to the vehicle and/or property or

  • The vehicle is returned in unclean condition or

  • Does not have a full fuel or gas tank.



1. Extra Cover: $29 per calendar day

  • Lowers your insurance excess to $950

2. All inclusive: $49 per calendar day

  • Lowers your insurance excess to $0

  • Includes Road User Charges (RUC tax)

Road User Charges (RUC’s)

Anyone using New Zealand’s roads contributes towards their upkeep. Most road users pay levies when they buy fuel. Others, including drivers of diesel vehicles, pay through Road User Charges (RUC). You can read more about this on the New Zealand government's NZTA website. All of our Sunrise campervans are diesel vehicles.

We do not include these Road User Charges (RUC) in the daily hire rate. This enables us to offer our lowest hire fee, and means you will only pay for the kilometres you travel while in your Sunrise vehicle. *

Your Road User Charges will be calculated at the end of your hire from your final odometer reading. We will charge you the exact amount that the government charges us, with no extra administration costs. The RUC fee is $7.20 per 100km for our 2-4 berth vehicles and $7.60 per 100km for our largest 6 berth (720) vehicle.

We will confirm your final odometer reading and total kilometres travelled when you return your vehicle, and will invoice you for the RUC fee once your hire is complete.

         *  If you have selected the All Inclusive Insurance option, the Road User Charges are included in your insurance package.