You’ve gotta spend a night or two with Don. He's created the perfect resting stop for campervan travellers. And it's free for Sunrise customers.

We know that long periods on the road can be tiring, even when you’re on holiday. You need a place to rest and relax, to recharge your batteries and plan your next adventure. The Koha Campsite is the perfect place.

Don Morrison has spent the last seven years transforming this once-neglected land into a beautiful oasis for travellers on the road. It also doubles as a Sunrise Holidays base. Think of it as your home away from home, in your mobile home...

Don is an integral member of the Sunrise Holidays whanau (family). And, he’s located at the top of the South Island - perfectly positioned as your mid-holiday check in.

Get checked up!

All of our vehicles are checked thoroughly between hires, but they are also pieces of machinery and small breakages can happen. When you stop at our Koha Campsite base (for an hour, a day, or a couple of nights!) we have the opportunity to make sure everything is in tip-top condition, then send you on your way with an armload of organic vegetables and some local knowledge for the rest of your trip. 

Do you need to book in to the Koha Campsite?

This isn’t mainstream tourism. Spaces are purposefully limited.

When you book a Sunrise Campervan with us, we’ll ask you to give us an indication of the dates you intend to be at the Koha Campsite – that’s all. We’ll then give you the code to the gate and let Don know to expect you around those dates. 

The Koha Campsite is not open to everyone. Only those who are travelling in a Sunrise campervan, or who have booked their travel through the Rankers travel website, are able to stay here.  


Free for Sunrise customers. There’s no catch. Just come and visit. 


What does Koha mean?

Koha is a Māori concept of exchange, like a 'gift’. This experience is our gift to travellers to NZ.

People tell us that this gift is worth a lot to them, check out the reviews here.

What can you do here?

  • Rest

  • Relax

  • Rejuvenate

  • Gain local knowledge from Don’s 20+ years in the tourism trade

  • Swim at the one of the most popular river swimming spots in the area

  • Talk with Don about organic planting principles, and pick vegetables with Don in his organic garden

  • Eat the fruit and veges you’ve freshly picked

  • Watch native birds in the 100 year old Puriri tree, extremely rare in the South Island

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Located on the banks of the Mouteka River, in the lovely Motueka Valley

Don is proof that one set of hands can make a huge difference.

Don is proof that one set of hands can make a huge difference.

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