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Plan Your Next Campervan Trip To The Ashburton Region

21st Jan 13
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New Zealand's beautiful scenery, friendly people and wide selection of outdoor activities and attractions make it the perfect location for a campervan holiday. One popular campervan destination is Ashburton - known for its eco tourism, hunting and fishing, skiing and snowboarding, hikes and walks, and adventure activities.

For the less adventurous types, Ashburton also offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy arts and crafts, sample local food and cuisine, or explore heritage sites and some of the best scenery in the country. If you're thinking of taking a campervan trip through the Ashburton region, read on to discover our recommendations on the best things to see and do!

 Ashburton attractions

Just a short drive out of Christchurch will take you to Ashburton, home to some of Canterbury and the South Island's best attractions and activities. The town offers a great selection of cafes and restaurants, shopping and craft stores, as well as an art gallery and museum. Or if you're looking to get out of the city, just a five-minute drive will take you to Lake Hood, where you can enjoy water skiing and a selection of other recreational water activities.

Other attractions in Ashburton include golf courses, the Ashburton Vintage Car Museum and the Ashburton Aviation Museum.

Methven/Mt Hutt attractions

You'll find Methven Mt Hutt Village just one hour from Christchurch. This rural service town attracts thousands of visitors each year due to its location at the heart of seven ski areas. But the town isn't just popular in winter - it's also a popular summer resort thanks to its backcountry lakes, country golf courses, jet boating, tandem skydiving, hot air ballooning and fishing. No matter when you choose to visit, you'll find plenty to see and do!

Mt Somers and Highcountry attractions

As one of the top ecotourism locations in Canterbury, Mt Somers and Highcountry features stunning mountains, lakes and rivers, and native flora and fauna. Here you can enjoy tramping and hiking, bush walking and fishing - or visit the location for Edoras, the fortress city of the Rohan people in The Lord of The Rings films. There are a number of local tour guides who will be happy to show you around!

Rakaia attractions

Known as the 'Salmon Capital of New Zealand', the rural community of Rakaia is home to some of the best fishing in the country. Located just 50 kilometres south of Christchurch, the town features attractions like jet boating, the Rakaia Craft Market and the annual Rakaia Fishing Competition . Visit Rakaia in February to join hundreds of other New Zealanders in the country's most successful fresh water fishing competition, and the only salmon fishing competition in New Zealand!

The best way to explore Ashburton is from the comfort of your own hired campervan. Cover travel and accommodation with one of our modern, comfortable campervans - read more about our campervan hire rates or get in contact for more information!


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