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How to Pack for Your Campervan Holiday

15th Sep 13

Campervan at the beach

When you travel in a campervan or motorhome, you have the luxury of being able to pack as much as you'd like without worrying about luggage allowances or excess baggage fees. You'll be able to pick up food and other essentials along the way, providing you with added freedom and easier packing. But just because you can pack as much as you want, you don't want to be crammed into your camper like a sardine because you over packed. 


What to Bring on Your Camper Holiday

We've put together this list to help you decide what to pack on your next campervan or motorhome holiday.

You'll probably buy fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy products along the way, but you might want to pack some pantry staples, as well. To make meal planning easier, you could include spices, cooking oil, bottled water, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, sugar, flour, juice, and canned goods on your packing list.

Cooking equipment
If you are hiring a Sunrise campervan, we've got you covered when it comes to cooking equipment! Our vans are fully equipped with everything you need for preparing, cooking, and enjoying your meals.

Other campervan companies may not provide these items. If so, you'll want to remember to pack all of the essentials before you hit the road: pots and pans, eating and cooking utensils, plates, mugs, glasses, kitchen towels, wash bins, scrubbing brushes and cloths, plunger for coffee, cutting board, can opener, and plastic containers.

The usuals
You probably won't forget to pack your clothes or swimwear, but here's reminder to toss in a pair of jandals or sandals for communal showers at holiday parks. A hat for the sun and light jacket for the evenings will keep you comfortable throughout your trip.

People often forget non-food items, which may be difficult to find and buy if you're staying well outside of a town. These items include paper towels, rubbish bags, tin foil and cling wrap, washing detergent, matches, torch, charcoal and portable BBQ, first aid kit, insect repellent, radio and batteries. 

You also may need blankets or sleeping bags, pillows, beach chairs, towels, games, brush and shovel, games, toilet paper, books, chilly bin and sun screen, basic toiletries, and a rope to hang out your wet swimsuits and towels.

Make sure you bring any travel documents that you may need, especially your driver's licence. If your license is entirely in another language, it's a good idea to obtain either an International Driver's License or provide an accredited English translation.

Packing Tips
We recommend that you use flexible or soft baggage, which will be easier to manoeuvre and store in your campervan or motorhome. Before you set off on the road, make sure everything is strapped or tied down. It pays to check that all of the storage spaces, cupboards, and doors are securely latched before getting on the motorway. If you are taking food stuffs, you might want to secure them in airtight containers or Ziploc bags to prevent spills. Bungee cords are also a good thing to have on hand - they're useful when you need to tie things down like beach chairs, awnings, or the BBQ.

Did we miss any crucial items on our list? What are your campervan holiday essentials? Feel free to add your items to our list by commenting below!


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