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Enjoy A Fantastic Campervan Journey And Main Attractions Between Christchurch And Nelson

7th Sep 12

We love helping people have the best experience at Sunrise Holidays - we don't think there's anything better than exploring the South Island which is why we want to give you the chance to do it properly. As the first destination for a lot of travellers, Christchurch is where most people want to get started with their journey. After booking a campervan rental in Christchurch, there are countless different adventures that you can take; one of the most popular is to head across the coast and up north to Nelson - the sunshine capital of New Zealand. You can even have your camperavan dropped off to you upon your arrival in Christchurch so you are ready to roll. The journey is 438kms and only takes 6 hours and 2 minutes - but what's the rush. As they say the journey is just as important as the destination.  

Why Nelson?  

If a week by the beach soaking in the best weather in the country, attending one of the city's many events like the Nelson Jazz Festival or learning about glass blowing and wood carving at one of the local craft studios sounds like you, then Nelson is definitely the place to be. There's a fantastic holiday to be found for anyone in the region, but we don't think that your campervan vacation should just be about the destination. We want you to have fun at every possible moment during your journey between Christchurch and Nelson with Sunrise Holidays - if you're making the trip soon then make the most of your time and enjoy a few of these attractions while you're on the road.  

Amble arount Amberley  

Amberley is a fantastic first stop on your trip. This is a great place to have a wander around, stretch your legs and try out the local cafes, craft shops and even take a dip at Amberley Beach.  

Drive through the West Coast  

Plan a more interesting route - head over the Southern Alps and through Arthur's Pass on your way to the West Coast instead of taking State Highway 7. You'll have the chance to explore the caves and beaches of Karamea and do a bit of hiking and mountain climbing in Arthur's Pass. The travel time's a bit longer, but you'll see more passing through Greymouth and Westport and have the chance to visit attractions like Shantytown, the re-created gold mining town and one of the West Coast's most popular tourist spots.

Drop in a line at Maruia Springs  

Known for its amazing trout fishing, Maruia Springs is a must do for any keen angler. You won't be disappointed by pulling the campervan over at this spot and dropping in a line. While you are in Maruia, be sure to stop by the Maruia Springs Thermal Resort, which is located on the banks of the Maruia River. This unique attraction gives tourists a little touch of Japan, with traditional Japanese bathhouses and dining experiences.

Soak Up Hanmer Springs  

The small town of Hanmer Springs, just an hour and a half north of Christchurch, is known primarily for its hot pool and spa resort. Park up the campervan and relax for the afternoon soaking in the pools or tramping through Hanmer Forest Park. You can even bungy jump at Thrillseekers if you're looking for an adrenaline rush and both Mount Lyford and Hanmer Springs Ski Area are a must-visit if your holiday is during the winter ski season which runs from July to September.  

There are so many places to stop off and so many things to see and do during your trip to Nelson from Christchurch. Don't rush to get to your destination - enjoy the ride with a Sunrise Holidays campervan hire and take in the sights of the South Island. All the way from Christchurch to Nelson you while find treasures - wineries, national parks and adventures abound.

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